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Pontian is a district in southwest Johor. Back in the old days, Sungai Pontian Besar was a prominent pit stop for sailors during monsoon season. Its capital district, Pontian Kechil, was formerly a fishing village that has been developed into a small town.

Today, this beautiful town has its very own charms. Picturesque scenery,and amazing adventure lie within the peaceful town. This 2-day itinerary will be your guide to explore the beauty of Pontian. The best part is you can request a nearby restaurant to cook the fishes you just bought from the market. As fresh as you can get!...

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Perpetual Memorial Park - Ulu Choh was established in 2015, stretching across 10 acres of freehold land surrounded by abundant nature in southern Johor. The park consists of 6 distinctive columbarium themes with the capacity to accommodate an estimated 40,000 cinerary urns complete with crematorium facilities, 2 funeral parlours, a temple and other public amenities. A1 The Golden Pavilion is built to embody magnificence and inspire awe. The serene ambiance is complemented by an environmentally conscious concept featuring an eco-friendly air-conditioner system.

In this ulu choh laksa, each tablet is engraved with a golden lotus, the auspicious symbol of eternal...

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