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Late last month, local actor-host Fauzie Laily visited Sabah with his wife for a short getaway. It was his treat to her before she started her new job as a principal at a pre-school. Days after their return last week, a 6.

Six pupils and a teacher from Tanjong Katong Primary School and a Singaporean adventure guide lost their lives in the disaster. Another pupil and a teacher are still missing. The devastating news affected Fauzie and his wife Nurul Huda Abdul Khalid, both 30, emotionally. It's crazy fauzie laily see something like that," Fauzie told The New Paper yesterday...

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Now, Channel 5 viewers are starting to recognise him, too Local actor and host Fauzie Laily, who fauzie laily already a familiar face on Suria, has become a staple on Channel 5 in recent months. He stars as Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel Sulaiman and loving husband to actress Syirah Jusni's character Norleena in the English drama Tanglin. The show was recently renewed for a second season. It airs on weeknights at 8. When filming for the first season ends in January, he will have a short breather before filming for the new season resumes.

Fauzie, 30, also hosts the...

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