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The highly anticipated video of Lee See Young revealing her new double eyelids has officially debuted. The video has only been out for one day and it has already passed the 1 million view mark. I also got eye correction surgery, e picanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

I got everything you could for your eyes. It was due to my complex. Ever since I was 20, I have always wanted to get double eyelid surgery but due to my career, I never got to. Then at 32 years old, I made the big decision lee young jin comedian do it. Lee...

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On the episode of KBS' "Hello Counselor" on March 13, BTS' Jimin made an appearance and shared his fondest of the well-known comedian and host Lee Young Ja. Apparently, Jimin met the comedian when he was still 3 years old. During the episode, Jimin shared the specifics of the first lee young jin comedian he met the comedian Lee Young Ja.

He then adds "she even held me and praised that I was cute. The comedian revealed that Jimin came to her with his father on that day. She even joked that she could have raised Jimin herself. He must...

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