Kim and pete davidson

Kim and pete davidson

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KIM CARB-DASHIAN hit the snooze on Met Gala after-parties. Kim made a beeline for the Ritz Carlton in NYC for pizza and donuts with Pete after the shindig. The couple had towers of pizza at the ready, and fresh donuts made in their hotel suite.

Unlikely the 2 will annihilate all the boxes, so we're guessing they were expecting company. Kim says she's passed on carbs for weeks, and you can hear in her voice how she's been longing for a slice or two.

Kim said she had to lose 16 pounds to squeeze into that dress. Kim's been hinting...

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And so I'm like Bravo like I'm always for someone's happiness. Pete, I've got to be honest. I am the kind of girl that totally falls for funny. I love a guy with a dope personality. I love a guy that's going to encourage me to be who I am and is going to kind of let me let my hair down and have some fun. Like he's not for the Hollywood shenanigans. He don't like, and I feel like that energy is just beautiful. So I'm into it.

Like I feel like he's the kind of guy that if,...

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