The batman end credit scene

The batman end credit scene

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© Provided by Total Film Riddler in The Batman The Batman post-credits are not exactly what you expect from a new superhero movie. Rather than there being a scene at the very end of the movie, as has become custom for Marvel and DC movies, there's something else.

The question, then, concerns whether it is worth sitting all the way through credits to see what secrets the movie holds. Because there's a secret, that's for sure, but it will take some deciphering. Scroll on down for everything you need to know about The Batman post-credits scenes — and beware, there...

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The following contains spoilers for The Batman. Rather than the obvious answer which is a bat the duo assume that The Riddler is sending them after The Penguin Colin Farrell and they haul him off for questioning.

While there, they finally crack code and realize The The batman end credit scene had given them a URL, not a misspelled Spanish word. While some riddles require puzzle-solvers to have seen the movie, others can be solved with a sharp mind and a little guesswork. Each day the Riddler returns with new questions to unravel, some of which require you to have...

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