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Whether you're a local or planning to visit Kuching soon, you should make it a note to visit some of the town's newest cafe gems that have recently graced its grounds!

We have listed 10 best new cafes and hangout spots in Kuching that are worth bragging to your friends and loved ones about! Let's check them out: 1. Trevi Cafe First on our list is the Trevi Cafeone of the hottest brunch spots in Kuching at the moment. Its luxurious vintage decor gives trevi kuching that old English mansion vibes, and there are plenty of aesthetic backgrounds for your...

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In addition to making a wish, throwing a coin in the water will make you someone good! Indeed, it is a legend that drives millions of tourists to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain over their shoulder. But what happens to the pieces? You suspect that since time, a mountain of coins would have formed in the basin. You will see where these pieces end, collected several times a week by employees of the city … BY THE WAY, WHY DO WE THROW COINS INTO THE TREVI FOUNTAIN IN ROME?


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