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Nasi Kandar Nasi kandar line clear Clear located in an alley off Penang Road, between two buildings offers one of the most authentic nasi kandar in Penang. Being in business for nearly 50 years, it is also among the oldest nasi kandar stalls. It has become so famous, that many nasi kandar stalls and chain restaurants are mushrooming all over Malaysia.

Well, and sometimes being health conscious lol. For example, a plate of nasi kandar consisting of a whole curry chicken thigh, curry beef and a vege costs under RM7, with lots of rice given too! The curry chicken is...

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After a family tussle over nasi kandar line clear ownership of Line Clear Nasi Kandar in Penang, one of the proprietors opened LC Restaurant in Kampung Baru. Service is prompt and friendly, from the staff scooping your food to the one taking your drinks order.

I opted for my usual — ayam kicap, telur ikan fish eggsayur kubis cabbage and telur masin salted egg. Fried chicken, sayur kubis, fried bittergourd and telur dadar The ayam kicap was also pretty good; mildly spicy with a caramelised flavour from the reduction of the black sauce and onions.

I like to add salted...

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