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And while the year is still relatively young, there has been more than a handful of new series and so much more to come. RELATED: Fans will have a hard time deciding what to watch. There are riveting psychological thrillers and a heartfelt and emotional drama that is centered on a 70-year-old man finally realizing his dreams. Mine is gaining traction on Netflix as it gives fans chills while also seeing the main characters experience their own personal journeys. Jung Seo-Hyun Kim Seo-Hyung married the first son of the same family sell your haunted house is known for her elegance...

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The drama offers a little bit of everything — comedy, drama, ghost and ghouls, and a heroine whose attitude is as caustic as it is lovable. Note: This is an opening week review only, coverage will continue with recaps. Even better than her look, though, is her no-nonsense attitude and online shopping habit. We meet Ji-ah and her business sell your haunted house JOO HWA-JUNG Kang Mal-geum at their headquarters for Daebak Realty.

Of course, HQ is a bit of a fancy term for the old-fashioned house whose downstairs is an office, and whose upstairs is where Ji-ah lives… with...

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