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Laboratory apparatus

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For every student, one of the common excitements of the school days remains associated with the discovery and introduction with the laboratory equipment in school labs.

Between standard 5 to 8, students get the knowledge of the basic lab apparatus and get to know about their uses. All of these apparatuses are the pillars of every lab, laboratory apparatus it in schools, colleges, research labs, or medical laboratories. Let us learn about the 20 common lab apparatus that you will see in the school science laboratory and their uses. Â A microscope is a very basic and needed equipment in...

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In general, owing to school activities we come across various laboratory equipment and apparatus but many a time it is tough to distinguish between proper chemistry laboratory apparatus or biological laboratory apparatus or any other as such. The basic idea about the proper and necessary chemistry lab apparatus should be cleared among the students since the day they start performing basic chemical experiments in their school labs. Let us see and try to understand the basic apparatus used in School laboratory apparatus laboratories and what are their specific uses when performing any chemical experiment.

The first and foremost apparatus that...

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