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Marion crepes us about your first impressions when you arrived. Marion Crêpes now has over 80 locations around Japan, but the story started here in the heart of Harajuku in 1976 with one of the neighborhood's first and only food stalls. A few years later, the crêperie moved into the shop front where it's been ever since.

This local institution maintains the street stall spirit, however, as the dining area has only ever Takeshita Dori itself. What was the crowd like? Marion Crêpes has served generation after generation of Harajuku youth, and the fashion-forward teenagers who flock to the neighborhood...

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Marion Crepes Harajuku Marion Crepes is a crepe shop famous for its delicious Japanese style crepes. Nonetheless, it has come a long way since starting as a food truck in 1976. A year later, it moved to a permanent location along Takeshita Street in Harajuku, and has stayed there ever since.

Over the years, Marion Crepes has expanded its business significantly. It now has over 80 outlets across Japan, as well as branches in USA and Hawaii.

We saw a few other famous crepes shops nearby, such as Angel Heart and Santa Monica Crepes. Angel Heart is located directly opposite...

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