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Here we are offering the best quality for sale 2022 online near me you can find anywhere else. As Breeders with 12 years of breeding experience, our philosophy or role is to make sure all our Sphynx kittens are loved and spoiled from the get-go, We strongly believe that a happy animal will give a family a happy experience too.

These breeds occupy a big part of our hearts. Among the traditional Sphynx breed and the Pure Bengal breed, you shall find exceptionally healthy kittens with us here. Bengal spots also vary in color, bengal cat rust or cocoa and...

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« In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods, they have not forgotten this. » Almost everyone agrees that a Bengal kitten is really cute! Before adopting a Bengal cat, it is better to know more about the temperament and personality of this beautiful breed.

Why does the Bengal cat have a different personality? The Bengal cat bengal cat created by a crossbreeding of the domestic cat and the small Asian leopard. This little leopard from the jungle has left several personality traits to the Bengal cat. But do not be afraid, the Bengal cat has a really affectionate temperament!...

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