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It represents an ancient lineage of teleosts: the Osteoglossomorpha. Here, we provide a high-quality chromosome-level reference genome of a female golden-variety arowana using a combination of deep shotgun sequencing and high-resolution linkage mapping. In addition, we have also generated two draft genome assemblies for the red and green varieties.

Phylogenomic analysis supports a sister group relationship between Osteoglossomorpha bonytongues and...

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Occurs in tannin stained blackwater streams Ref. Found in forest covered streams including peat adjacent areas. Take around three months for free swimming fries Ref.

Young individuals feed on insects at the water surface, adults take fishes Ref. A mouth brooder, young about 6 cm at birth Ref.

Life cycle and mating behavior Scleropages formosus an observation of a breeding pair in a concrete tank, courtship lasts from several weeks to months.

During this stage, the breeding pair swims near the water surface usually at night. Sometimes, the pair circle each other nose-to-tail. About one to two weeks before spawning...

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