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We are here to create the difference. We are true perfectionists in every aspect of our doings. When we create art, we focus on the detail, as this is what distinguishes GOOD art from WORLDCLASS art! There is no room for error! We give 100% and make the best. Are you ready to join us? Metaverse We plan to purchase land in the metaverse creating a virtual member space for holders to collaborate as their unique Molly avatars. Our metaverse space is planned to be as the Molly Headquarters that NFT holders can access.

Here influencers, collections, artists and investors...

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MOLLY fans can enjoy refreshing new colorful designs of the classic SPACE MOLLY figure with the limited blind box collection from April 8 th. Inspired by iconic alcohol-free soft drinks, the latest 400% SPACE MOLLY blind box collection comes in six styles and one secret edition.

The figurine stands at 29. Fans can savor a taste of life as the styles showcase the vibrant hues of each respective soft drink flavor. Toy ice cubes also feature in the body for the first time to add extra flavor and wonderment. With MOLLY's signature accessories styled to reflect each fizzy drink, fans...

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