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Atasan nature retreat

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Considering the covid cases still remain high, so both of us wanted to go somewhere that is less crowded, or preferably a private place for only both of us. Then we found this hidden gem where we spent 3 days 2 nights at, a place that gave us the ultimate privacy, definitely worth a try! I found so much peace and privacy here because once you book the place, you own the entire place, the tree house the toilet even the river belongs to you. There is no one else, atasan nature retreat no need to share with anyone.


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The hill is the highest point of an which Plum Run divides at Big Round Top the. Early human activity included clearing an area : d on and established a burial ground ~1 mile southwest. During theBig Round Top's slope, timber, and boulders precluded on the summit. At various times during the 1863 battle, positions on Big Round Top formed the left flank of the Union defense. No fighting or other actions took place on Big Round Top on.

It was important to hold this hill, as…it commanded…our line. I directed to occupy it at once. In 1893, atasan nature...

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