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Our CEO sentral reit responsible for the day-to-day operations of SRM and the Fund, and together with the Board, the CEO shall determine the strategy of Sentral REIT. In addition, the CEO will be responsible to plan the future strategic development and growth of Sentral REIT. Our CEO, together with the Board, will identify and evaluate potential acquisitions with a view to enhance the Fund. Our CEO is responsible for the overall management, investment and asset management strategies as well as the strategic growth of Sentral REIT.

Derek Teh Wan Wei was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of SRM on...

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Sentral REIT or formerly known as MQREIT is a Malaysian-based REIT with 10 properties located across Malaysia. They were listed in the Bursa Malaysia exchange in January 2007 with investment primarily in the office and retail sector. You can read more on our previously written analysis of MQREIT 2019 and 3Q20 performance.

Platinum Sentral and Menara Shell which are located in the central region account for c. This would be adverse to Sentral REIT in the case of any unfavorable event. For instance, Festival Walk which accounts for a huge proportion of MNACT REIT portfolio was hugely affected during the...

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