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Enjoy the best online bowling games at Kizi and knock down every pin Bowling is a popular game you can enjoy with a big group of friends. As a target sport, it is also played competitively. Are you good at bowling? With these online bowling games, you can perfect your aim.

Booking a bowling lane at the bowling alley costs money, but at Kizi, you can enjoy free play for as long as you like. Select a bowling ball and roll it across the smooth wooden floor of the bowling alley. Bowling games to strike down the pins placed at...

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For fun outings with friends and family, we have some ideas for fun games to play while bowling. Game 1: Bingo Bowling Bingo bowling is exactly what it sounds bowling games — pairing bingo with bowling! Playing a classic game like bingo with candlepin bowling can be a lot of fun. How to Play: The squares on the bingo board should be filled with numbers 1 through 10, along with other bowling outcomes like strike, gutter, spare, etc.

During the bowling game, each player will mark off their bingo cards as each bowling outcome bowling games. To make it more...

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