Vitamin d3 benefits

Vitamin d3 benefits

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What are the benefits of vitamin D3? Your body creates vitamin D3 when the sun touches your skin. In the winter months however, we tend to stay inside more, making it harder to get the proper amount of D3. Drops in D3 can be damaging to both mind and body. Your bones, muscles and entire immune system need it to survive. Furthermore, your mood can be greatly affected by a shortage of D3.

During this time of year, pay attention to the amount of sun you get and if needed, take D3 supplements to enjoy its benefits. Vitamin D3 helps...

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What is Vitamin D3? Looking to get more of the sunshine vitamin benefits? Not getting enough sun? Not eating enough vitamin D-rich foods? Think you can stand to get a little bit more to support your health? Vitamin D is essential to your overall health and making sure you get enough is paramount to your well-being. Before you get started, it is important to know that there are different types of vitamin D: vitamin D3 and vitamin D2. Vitamin D3, also known by its other alias cholecalciferol, is vitamin D in its natural form—the kind produced in your body as...

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