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He replied that the rim is available. But once I reach there, the staff said the rim was sold since yesterday. I was so disappointed and I called the owner. He asked me to wait another 5 hours for the other similar rim to be available. The only good thing is there was a Malay staff who served me well, he went to the store, look for other 16" rims that I might be interested.

I king of rims a rim and the guy accepted my old rims for almost RM350 which was quite a good deal. Other places only...

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Image credit: Chris King Chris King's newly developed FusionFiber is a carbon fiber that uses a nylon fiber bonding process rather than traditional epoxy resin. By cutting the resin out, Chris King says that it isn't just less toxic to manufacture but is also relatively clean and easy to recycle.

Chris King doesn't provide any more details regarding the process of recycling other than that they are 100 percent recyclable, and the brand has a path to avoid old wheels ending up in landfill, with its lifetime warranty. Chris King is expecting any damaged wheels to be returned for inspection...

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