To communicate one entire message in a single sentence is not always feasible. At times, the sentence should be broken down into two, or some kind of a mid-sentence furthermore — in the form of a comma, semicolon, conjunction, or conjunctive adverb — should be used. Furthermore, the charging speeds are snail-like, especially when compared to how fast other phones get charged from zero to 100 percent. But it must have a preface or some prior context to shoulder the sentence.

Furthermore, I have more important things to do. To the purists of the language or who are very particular...

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There is more that you need to know! In addition, a boat marina is being constructed at the north end of the lake. Furthermore, they are advised not to return to their homes until city officials say it is safe to do so.

Most of the population are adherents of Hinduism, though there is a large Muslim minority. Furthermore, a small but significant furthermore of Indians are Christians and Sikhs.

In the example below, the argument concerns the need to exercise more. The information in the statement may be something that the speaker feels strongly about or is something that...

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