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Previous Next The Power of Pink is the thirty-first episode of. This episode concludes the technical-second and final between the andwhich began in the. The episode is noted for the first death of awho was written out of the series as was diagnosed with leukemia and prepared to undergo chemotherapy.

Kendrix discovers the location of the Savage Sword and Psycho Pink reads Kendrix's mind, finds the Sword and grows into a huge monster. The Rangers are able to destroy the Psycho Pink Monster but Kendrix disappears in a blast of pink energy. Plot The Galaxy Rangers show the Galactabeasts to...

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In the Power Rangers franchise, the Pink Ranger is characterized by kindness, compassion, and beauty. Oftentimes, the Pink Rangers break this mold and become something more: many of them are geniuses, tacticians, leaders, doctors, scientists, and power rangers pink. In that sense, the Pink Ranger is one of the most dynamic Rangers in the entire franchise.

The Pink Ranger is also the most popular Ranger, by far. Lionsgate kept track of which Rangers got the most shout-outs on social media, and the Pink Rangers overwhelmingly -- with 75% of the vote -- won that competition. The Pink Ranger is typically...

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