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We were warmly greeted by a professional Ms. Sharmila and given clean and colourful menus on which to mark our orders. The food came soon and its presentation was delightful except for a chipped sauce dish. We thoroughly enjoyed the signature beef noodles and chicken salad. The kuay teow was soft, the beef evenly vietnamese taste ipoh and the fish sauce for the salad was a great appetizer.

Compliments to the chef! We'll come again to your restaurant soon. TEMPORARY, 100, function { callback 'normal' ; }, function { callback 'incognito' ; } ; }; nsExporter. A width of 0...

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Vietnamese Taste in Greentown, Ipoh Social media has been abuzz with the opening of the new Vietnamese Taste, an eatery in Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh, located between and the. Therefore, this was an excellent opportunity to patronise a vietnamese taste ipoh new eatery.

Goi Cuon Summer Roll I would say that if you are looking for a healthy meal, this is a fine option. Looking at these photos, you can see that the platters are of generous portions and value-for-money.

If I were to choose my personal favourite from this spread, it would be a difficult task. Bun Cha Gio...

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