According to Persian folklore, the boundary between Arash and Turan was set by an arash launched by Arash, after he put his own life in the arrow's launch. The arrow was traveling for days before finally landing on arash other side of the Oxus on arash bark of a walnut tree hundreds of miles away from the original launch site atop a mountain. Arsacesthe name of the Parthian dynasty derives from a Parthian or Eastern Iranian equivalent of 'Ardashir', i. Within the scheme of the mythologically-conflated genealogies of Iranian dynasts, the Arsacids also claimed to descend—via the other Arash—from Kai...

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He and his parents lived near. At age ten, he and his family moved towhere he still resides. In an interview withhe has mentioned that his mother and father are from the Iranian cities of andrespectively. Arash has stated in his interviews that he is interested in association football, accordingly, he released songs about association football.

Also, In an interview withArash stated that he had been interested in singing since childhood and he even formed an informal band with his friends.

Career Arash in 2008 Arash has said that the reason he chooses to sing in his is because of...

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