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Their demand is to see and together again on the screen. The demand for Season 2 is on its peak these days as the yeo been portrayed a passionate kissing scene between and Jeon Yeo Been's characters Cassano and Hong Cha Young.

There is another strong reason behind yeo been demand to see returning on the screens with Season 2. The reason is netizens are suspecting and dating each other. Since filming together, both the actors have been embroiled in dating rumors. They have recently been spotted together at a place that raises suspicions of a romantic link between them....

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This beautiful emerging actress is already the talk of the town for her portrayal with the actor Song Joong Ki in the 2021 drama Vincenzo. Their reel to real life love-story caught many attention of their fans. But yeo been Song Joong Ki, she has had other rumors of dating other celebrities and co-stars of her. Song Joong Yeo been After starring together in the 2021 drama Vincenzo, this couple got famous for many reasons.

Months have passed; still the couple is a talk of the town with their yeo been relationship which they still do not announce. The couple...

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