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Recently, I heard about this website called BookXcess from someone on Bookstagram. Delivery I heard on Bookstagram that someone got their books in a week, and they bookxcess online malaysia a 48-hour delivery guarantee to the Klang Valley area, but it took me about 2 weeks to get the books delivered to Singapore which is in line with their 7 to 14 business days estimate.

I ordered the books on June 4, they were shipped June 14, and I received them on June 17. For me, this is faster than Book Depository, which normally takes about 2 to 3 weeks...

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Will Philippine Customs charge an additional fee? Does the "international delivery" option deliver door-to-door bookxcess online malaysia end up at the post office? I couldn't find answers to my questions online so I decided to go ahead and try it myself: buy books online from BookXcess Malaysia and have them shipped to the Philippines. Some of the best books my son has ever owned came from the Big Bad Wolf book caravans that were held annually for a couple of years pre-pandemic here in Cebu.

Quick Notes on the Upcoming Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale this June 30 to...

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