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Hint: To solve this question, we will first compute the frequency table and the cumulative frequency table. Complete step by step answer: We are given ogive graph table as Marks Number of Students 0 — 10 7 10 — 20 10 20 — 30 23 30 — 40 51 40 — 50 6 50 — 60 3 The steps to draw a less than O — give are as given below. Draw and mark the horizontal and vertical axis 2. Take the cumulative frequencies along the y-axis vertical axis and the upper-class limits on the x-axis horizontal axis.

Against each...

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Constructing and Interpreting a Relative Cumulative Frequency Graph Ogive Overview An ogive graph serves as a graphical representation of the cumulative relative frequency distribution for quantitative variables. In other words, these graphs plot the percentile on the y-axis and the quantitative variable on the x-axis. They are interpreted as follows: for example, let's say that the 10th percentile corresponds to an x-value of 20.

This ogive graph mean that 10% of the data in this given dataset is at or below 20. Slope: The steeper the slope between two x-values, the higher the frequency of data between those two values....

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