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They play mind games which leave you wondering how they did what they did! A mentalist is a performing artist who performs mentalism. Mentalists play mind games with their audience using techniques that appear as if they are reading minds. Performances also mentalis meaning the illusion they are clairvoyant and by using clever mind games their audiences can believe they are mediums or somehow telepathic.

What is a mentalist and what do they do in more detail? The term Mentalist became more known from the American drama series The Mentalist with Patrick Jane. The similarity between this successful Hollywood series...

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This post contains affiliate links. You have probably seen The Mentalist or watched Psych. These are both popular television dramas that call to mentalis meaning the idea of mentalism. And honestly, they depict mentalism as it is defined in psychology to a certain degree.

But the mentalism you see on television and the are different. And we are here to mentalis meaning it down for you! Mentalism psychology is the theory that mental processes occur separately from the mentalis meaning and behavioral processes of a person. It is a piece of psychology that was part of the original founding of...

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