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Hikaeme ni itte mo

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Synopsis Risa Amakawa is only in high school, but she is extraordinarily self-sufficient. With the tools inside her seemingly bottomless bag, she is prepared for any hikaeme ni itte mo incident that lady luck hikaeme ni itte mo to throw her way.

So when Risa encounters a delinquent—all battered and bruised—on a rainy afternoon, she takes advantage of the power bestowed upon her by her own sense of caution and uses it to help him.

What she does not expect is the victim, Zen Oohira, to take a liking to her. Zen checks all the boxes of a typical delinquent;...

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A subreddit dedicated to shoujo anime, manga and webtoon, including news and discussion, of all past, present, and future series, no matter how big or how small. All spoilers must be tagged! For me, it was Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight — the age gap between the MC and ML was kind of awkward and initially uncomfortable for me, but it was hikaeme ni itte mo to see how much respect the ML had for the MC; they also matured really well together.

There was also a gay character in the manga who was in love with the...

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