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The ROC is on the podium for having one of the highest medal counts at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics — but who are they? ROC stands for Russian Olympic Committee, a delegation of Russian athletes who are competing in the Olympics even though their country is under a two-year ban due to doping violations.

The ROC has to abide by several different rules set by the International Olympic Committee so they remain "neutral" athletes. Why did Russia get banned from the Olympics? After a major doping scandal, the World Anti-Doping Agency unanimously agreed in 2019 to impose a four-year ban...

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That follows on from the 303 which took part under the ROC banner at the Tokyo Olympics last year. The Russian anti-doping agency did appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against WADA sanctions barring Russian teams from competing in or hosting international competitions for four years - with the suspension being cut down to two years, providing they pay £3. The International Olympic Committee therefore paved the way for Russian athletes to compete as Authorised Neutral Athletes at Tokyo 2020.

Athletes who provide negative drug tests are to compete under a neutral flag and are not allowed to...

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