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This is the news about the need for a new mask to protect people in 2023 using Face Mask Cop Sirim. Are you looking for the best mask that will reduce the chance of taking unsafe precautions?

Are you interested mask cop sirim the latest Mask that has been tested by international labs and is safe? Find out more about this product below! Many people from Malaysia searched for the latest Mask that was certified and tested by large companies. The Mask also follows the International standard for product maintenance and research.

Learn more about the benefits and protections provided...

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All non-medical face masks sold in Malaysia must be SIRIM-certified by 2023! Here is what you need to know about this new requirement! It required all non-medical face mask manufacturers and importers to apply for MS SIRIM certification, and labelling from SIRIM QAS International Sdn. This new requirement will ensure that all non-medical face masks sold in Malaysia will comply with safety standards that already exist for respirators and medical face masks.

Just two days after the gazettement, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs KPDNHEP Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi announced that the SIRIM certification for non-medical masks is now postponed...

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