Mysejahtera helpdesk hotline number

Mysejahtera helpdesk hotline number

Hotline number helpdesk mysejahtera

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Find out how to apply for a MySejahtera digital vaccination certificate if you received your COVID-19 vaccine overseas! MySejahtera Digital Vaccination Certificate For Overseas Vaccine?

Everyone who gets vaccinated in Malaysia receives a MySejahtera digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate, as well as a physical vaccination card. They are both accepted as proof of your vaccination, but the digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate is definitely much more convenient to use. You can still use your physical vaccination card, but you will still need to show your MySejahtera profile for them to verify your identity. If you received your COVID-19 vaccine overseas, you are...

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Subscribe to our new channel for the latest updates and stories. As much as we depend on the MySejahtera app for almost everything mobility and vaccine related, it is not perfect. For some of you, who face unresponsive 'Check-In' page, kindly uninstall and reinstall the MYSJ app. Kindly note that 'Check-In' history in the app will be reset when reinstalled due to security reasons.

MOH contact tracing database has a record of all your check-ins. For those of us who are concerned about our vaccination appointments and check the app every day, Mysejahtera helpdesk hotline number Special Committee for Ensuring...

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