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So now Najib will have to take his case to the Federal Court. And if he loses, yet again, he will have to go to jail and then try to get released via a Royal Pardon. So far, four judges have ruled that Najib is guilty. Probably, five judges will sit at the Federal Court. Hence, if Najib loses again, that would be nine judges who have ruled against him.

If Najib were able to get seven instead of five judges to sit at the Federal Court, and if he loses, it would be 11 judges against him. You can...

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The seven charges in the SRC case involve allegations of abuse of power, several counts of money laundering and criminal breach of trust. Both Najib, his lead counsel, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, and the other members of the defence team appeared via video call from their homes because of the coronavirus.

There is no national interest here. In recent days, Najib and his legal team have sought to introduce new evidence, and on Tuesday asked for a postponement because one member on the team had tested positive for COVID-19. The judge denied the najib razak, and dismissed the application to accept...

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