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Debuting with and then in 1966, the Ultra Series is one of the most prominent genre productions from Japan, along with the -produced seriesand the. Ultraman was the world's third top-selling licensed character in the 1980s, largely due to his popularity in Asia.

References to Ultraman are abundant in Japanese pop culture, much like references to Superman in U. Junis statue outside Bandai HQ in Tokyo.

As revealed inthe Ultras are a technologically advanced civilization who were originally identical to humans. They had evolved into their current state of being following the activation of the Plasma Spark, which replaced their...

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The Ultra Series is one of the prominent Tokusatsu superhero genre productions from Japan, along with produced series, and the.

The Ultra Series is also one of the most well known examples of the daikaiju genre, which also includes 's films, and 's series. However, the Ultra Series also falls into the kyodai Giant Hero sub-genre of Tokusatsu shows. The Ultras' main weakness is that they can only stay on Earth in giant form for a limited span of time, usually not longer than three minutes, owing to a limited supply of energy Earth's atmosphere filters out solar energy.


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