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In the world ofthose who undergo the trials often face traumatic circumstances during their making. These traumas tend to interfere with their memories, making it all but impossible for them to remember their lives before becoming witchers. Some may look upon this as a blessing, considering the normalcy they must give up in order to become the monster fighting heroes they are, but not being able to recall one's mother and father, siblings or childhood home also has the potential to set witchers even further apart from the rest of the society they serve.

Eskel of the School of the...

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The group was trained under Vesemir and underwent the successfully, but soon after Kaer Morhen was attacked by an angry mob of both people and monsters in. However, thanks to and Geralt's snooping, the children managed to escape outside and away from the keep. Vesemir, the sole witcher to survive the massacre, soon found the tired out children and took them under his wing to care and train. Over the years, Eskel and Geralt developed a strong friendship and considered each other brothers.

At one point during their training, Eskel and Geralt had captured a huge bumblebee and tied it...

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