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As of Genshin Impact sango pearl. This local specialty was released in Version 2. RELATED: At first, players may mistake it for the Loach Pearl. Both Sango and Loach Pearl have a similar circular shape. Meanwhile, Sango Pearl is pink-ish and can be collected from the corals of Watatsumi Island.

Furthermore, unlike the Sango ones, Loach Pearl currently has no purpose in. Sango Pearl Locations In Genshin Impact Sango Pearl is an. They're mostly found under the reefs of Sangonomiya Shrine, but there are other locations as well. These pearls are wrapped around purple coral. The coral will remain intact...

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Genshin Impact Sango Pearl locations and uses Sango Pearls locations are exclusive to Watatsumi Island. Almost all of the Sango Pearl locations in Genshin Impact are, fittingly, dotted around Sangonomiya Shrine in the center of Watatsumi Island.

If you want to find Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact, these are the floral plants you need to look for. Sango Pearls appear within sango pearl pink-purple bed, surrounded by blue, coral-like growths. As for Sango Pearl usesthe item is believed to be an ascension material for one of the upcoming characters in the Inazuma region, possibly Kokomi given her connection to the...

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