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Ariel sharon death

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Ariel sharon death Sharon's life was one of dramatic highs and lows. As a soldier, he was both a war hero and a national disgrace. His son, Gilad Sharon, announced his death Saturday, saying "he went when he decided to go.

In a statement released by the White House, President Obama called Sharon "a leader who dedicated his life to the state of Israel. Proud and defiant, he liked to remind Israelis that he fought in every one of the country's five wars since its founding more than half a century ago. Born in 1928 to Russian immigrants, Ariel sharon...

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Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the criminal He was a person in the world and he massacred thousands of Palestinians, but you see, the power of the Lord of the universe made him so ill for eight years and he was in a coma most of the time until his body became infected and he became a worm. This is the result of a crime against humanity. How can the souls of the martyrs stay healthy? We ask you to so a clear comprehension of VT's independent non-censored media is understood and given its proper place in the world of...

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