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Emergency Services An emergency can seem like it comes out of nowhere and can affect an individual, a family or a community. Call 401-235-7120 Are You Experiencing an Emergency? Crisis and stabilization services are available for all ages, from children to elders.

Examples of emergencies are someone who is depressed and having suicidal thoughts, or someone hearing voices or someone who has overdosed. What to Expect Services are provided by face-to-face or telephone contact. We listen to your concerns, assess the situation, take the necessary steps to get you through the crisis and provide immediate access to a full array...

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Emergency medical services prepare to airlift the victim of a car accident to hospital, in Ontario, Canada. Emergency medical services EMSalso known as ambulance services or paramedic services, are that provide urgent pre-hospital treatment and stabilisation for serious illness and injuries and transport to definitive care. They may also be known as a first aid squad, FAST squad, emergency squad, ambulance squad, ambulance corps, life squad or by other such as EMAS or EMARS.

In most places, the EMS can be summoned by members of the public as well as medical facilities, other emergency services, businesses and authorities via an...

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