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YouTube creator MrBeast is no stranger to elaborate stunts. He's built his brand around raising money for charitable causes, issuing challenges to fans, and putting huge cash prizes at stake for whatever he's up to. It's no surprise, then, that Squid Game caught MrBeast's eye. The South Korean Netflix show tells the story of several impoverished people who compete in a series of deadly games with hundreds of other contestants who also hope to relieve their debts, and this challenge-based set-up apparently inspired the.

Just like in Squid Game, MrBeast brought in 456 players for his series of games. Even...

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I don't trust people. She was a North Korean defector, and fled the country with her parents and younger brother, leading to her father's death and her mother getting caught.

A pickpocket, Sae-byeok entered the Squid Game to get enough money to reunite her family. During theSae-byeok joined an alliance with several players, including,and. She survivedand managed to complete the but was mortally injured by the exploding glass at the end. After trusting Gi-hun to take care of her brother, she was stabbed in the neck by Sang-woo prior to the start of the.

Contents• Personality Kang Sae-byeok is very...

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