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Chen's Wok Palace is conveniently located on the edge of the village of Kortenberg, on the road from Brussels to Leuven. There is ample space to park. The restaurant does not boast a lot of atmosphere, certainly not Chinese.

It reminds the guest of a. For some reason the patio remained closed even though it was a beautiful summer night. The menu is straight: choose chicken soup or spicy soup, choose wok or. The concept is quickly understood: all you can eat at 23,90 euros, no headaches over difficult choices.

Once there, you get food. How was the Chinese region's...

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I ordered 3 combo meals and 3 egg rolls they come in pairs. Since we've been disappointed with other local take-outs, we weren't expecting too much, but boy were we. This place cooks dishes as they are ordered - fresh and hot and they smell so good you nearly starve getting them home! This is going to be our go-to place from now on! We loved it down to the last morsel!

The food tastes great, the servings are large we each had enough for another meal and there is a wide variety. The restaurant is clean and has options...

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