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Anime movie 2021

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Not only for its excellence animations, but anime carries an interesting plot that is not like your regular cartoons. It can be a long series that extend for several years, or just one movie. We have compiled a list of the Best Japanese Anime movies for your cozy winter nights! Your Name Your Name is a light novel film about Mitsuha, a daughter of a mayor in a small town. She is a high school girl who lives in a peaceful rural town with her sister and grandmother.

Mitsuha dreams of leaving the boring town and experience a life in...

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Has it ever been a better time to be an? The genre is thriving, and almost every year brings you a brand new batch of cool, new offerings that entice the public and smash records. The year 2020, for instance, saw " become the fastest Japanese film to make 10 billion yen, which is all the more delicious because the previous record holder was also anime — namely, the legendary movie "Spirited Anime movie 2021.

The year 2021 has been a pretty good one for anime fans, with a wide variety of awesome stuff coming out, and some classic franchises...

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