You have reached a degraded version of ESPN. For a complete ESPN. On Saturday evening, the French squad and manager Didier Deschamps and his staff watched the Champions League final together, once again in total awe of their No. When Kante arrived, completing Les Bleus' 26-man squad for the Euros, some of the squad welcomed him with the Ballon d'Or treatment.

It was half-joking, half-serious, but some teammates told him he was on the golden path to get the golden ball. Others wondered if he'd run the entire way from London to southern France ahead of their friendly with Wales...

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Seizingthe capital of the recently defunctSoumaoro Kanté proceeded to conquer several neighboring states, including the in what is now. However, the Mandinka prince built a coalition of smaller kingdoms to oppose him at the c. After his defeat at Kirina, he flees into the mountains ofwhere he "disappears" after being shot with only weapon to which he is vulnerable - an arrow with a white rooster spur arrowhead.

In theSoumaoro Kanté is described as owning a with magical powers, which is stolen by Sundiata Keita's, and brought to. This is the origin of the Manden djeli tradition of playing. The...

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