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In 2018, the Bongo Cat, a very nice meme of a cat playing songs using a bong. How did this viral meme come about? What has the internet created using the cat playing bongo and other instruments? In this article, we will see everything about the Bongo Cat and also the keyboard cat! It all started on May 7, 2018 when twitter user ditzyflama replied the bongo cat of a cat hitting a strayrogue table. In a short time the tweet gained more than 3800 retweets and 7,000 likes.

Soon after the video was uploaded to YouTube and generated thousands...

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Synopsis Bowser Junior gets a new pet. Chef Pee Pee: What!? Bowser Junior: Can you take me to the park? Bowser Junior: A kitty cat! Bowser Junior: I am going to take you home. Bowser Junior: What else can bongo cat do!? Guess what I found? Chef Pee Pee: What? Bowser Junior: A cat. Chef Pee Pee: Junior, where did you find this cat! Bowser Junior: At the park, that cat can play instruments.

He will take away my toys. I hope I see you again.

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