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The Pallas cat, named after German naturalist Peter Simon Manul cat 1741-1811 is a small-sized wild cat, also known as the Manul. It is adapted to cold arid environments and lives in rocky terrain and grasslands through out central Asia. Weight ranges from 2-4. They inhabit the Asian steppes up to heights of 4000m 13,000 ft. These small cats have a stocky body with thick soft fur and an abundant dark, woolly underfur which is double the length of that on the rest of the body.

The colour varies from a light grey to a yellowish buff and russet, with...

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Pallas Cat Common Name: Manul a. Its coat varies in color from light gray to yellowish buff to russet. The white tips of the hair give a frosted silvery appearance. There are 2 dark streaks across each side of the head and 4 rings on the dark tipped tail. The coat is longer and denser than any other of the felid species. This extremely thick and heavy coat provides a good source of insulation for an animal that spends so much manul cat lying on frozen ground and snow.

They have small, rounded ears, set very low on the sides...

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