All living beings on the earth are made up of structures called cells. Down at the microscopic level, this is the very basis of life. Every organism, including humans, begin their lives as a single cell and then branch into millions of these cells.

Some organisms, however, remain single-celled for all their lives. They are microscopic organisms and they require only one cell to survive. One of the most common of this variety is an amoeba. Amoeba is a unicellular organism that can only be viewed under a microscope. They are commonly found on freshwater surfaces such as ponds and...

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It can be passed out in their stools faeces. Infection often occurs after someone drinks water contaminated by infected faeces or eats food prepared or washed using contaminated water. In those who do develop symptoms, diarrhoea, which can be bloody, is the most common symptom.

Those most at risk of amoebiasis include travellers to areas where amoebiasis is common mostly countries with poor sanitation. Treatment includes medication to kill the parasite and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent a lack of fluid in the body dehydration.

If you develop diarrhoea after travelling abroad to places where Amoeba. What is a...

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