Typhoon in malay

Typhoon in malay

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Severe weather disruptions hit Malaysia and the Philippines, leaving a trail of destruction among nations most prone to natural disasters. Typhoon Rai, a super typhoon before slamming into the Philippines on Thursday, left 208 dead along its path. More than 440,000 people were displaced, with about a million affected, Mark Timbal, spokesman of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, said on Monday. Across peninsular Malaysia, a weekend of typhoon in malay rain displaced more than 61,000 people, shuttered roads and disrupted shipping.

The downpour from Dec. Rains subsided on Sunday and flood waters have started to recede. Authorities...

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The message from Malaysians, cutting across all races, has not merely been clear, but deafening, too. The gerrymandering, malapportionment and delineation exercise, which were said to have benefited Barisan, failed to fire in the end.

The majority of Malaysians — including most rural voters — wanted change, and they got their wish. It was not a Malay tsunami, but a Malaysian typhoon, which decimated most in its wake as it swept across the country.

For once, the Chinese were not blamed. The only difference was that, while urbanites were louder and typhoon in malay at rallies, these modest folk kept...

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