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Being able to recognize bias is one thing. And while I'm sure you know and have experienced many common biases and what they can look and sound like, it's helpful to be able to name them and understand some of the break the bias behind them so that you don't fall into the traps and the negative outcomes that result when they go unchecked.

But the key is in calling it out. It can require real courage to call out bias. Seeing yourself as an ambassador of inclusion and equity can be an empowering way to move through intimidating feelings...

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BreakTheBias And Show Your Support On Social Media An absolute starting point is on social media. It feels like everyone loves to dabble in a bit of online activism on important dates, which is great but should also be a kicking off point. Transgender, genderqueer, non-binary people and importantly men are just as crucial in the journey to breaking down stereotypes, discrimination and bias as women.

Opening up the conversation to everyone encourages people from all communities to think critically about how they break the bias and champion the women and people who identify beyond the gender binary in their...

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