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The kiosk line was long and I was in a rush, so I ended up forking out cash to buy an individual LRT coin that was 30 sen more expensive than my usual fare. I believe this would be a relatable issue for most users of public transport.

On the other hand, for drivers, being stuck at the toll gates is irritating and much more embarrassing. When the leaks of the Enhanced TNG card that can be topped up through your phone first dropped, I imagine most of us were excited. At first, that is. So, what does it do?...

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This will be updated. At KL Central, there is an escalator at the entrance of NU Sentral at the very end of the area where train ticket gates such as touch n go card buy Kuranaja Line are lined up.

Just when you transfer to the monorail, you go through this SC. Touch panel type guide board. It seems to support keyword search as well as the way to choose a store from the floor map. Then it was a hit! It seems to be on the L2 touch n go card buy. This floor coming up from the inside...

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