Just a little bit enhypen lyrics

Just a little bit enhypen lyrics

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Catching up — lowkey the sexiest thing about Wonho is how much of a hoot he seems to be having. I wonder if maybe people would have paid more attention to it in a post-Cinema world.

Difficult to get, not every flop boy group has that. It's a very cute song that probably deserve a half point more from me, I started liking it more after I read the lyrics. Not that they are super deep or anything, they just made me feel the song in a way I hadn't. The production always feels a bit heavy-handed and leaden for...

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We begin our top 30 with the elimination of IVE's debut single, Eleven. Come on, best debut of 2021 according to K-Popjustice! Eleven was written by Seo Ji-eum and composed by Peter Rycroft, Lauren Aquilina and Ryan S. Eleven proved to be a massive hit as it peaked at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart, number 16 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart and number 68 on the Billboard Global 200 Chart.

It won thirteen music show trophies including Triple Crowns from Inkigayo, Music Bank and Show! Damn, I knew it was popular but I didn't know it...

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