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This is a girlie post. One of the many things that women do to look good — eyebrow embroidery. Basically for the sad Chinese girls, like me, with little or non-existent eyebrows. Be it genetics or over-tweezing, we all want to have perfect eyebrows that are not drawn on.

Eyebrow embroidery is almost like a manual tattoo process, but using henna instead of tattoo inks. There apparatus used is actually a bunch of needles stuck together to form a small angled blade looking thing. The effect lasts about 2-3 years. I have been doing eyebrow embroidery for the last 10...

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One of my all-time most popular blogpost is about my eyebrow embroidery experience with Bluunis. See Also : What is Eyebrow Embroidery, you ask? Well, for most Chinese girls like me, I am blessed cursed with very little body hair. This includes my eyebrows, which are so sparse and limited that without the beauty of an invention of eyebrow embroidery, I would have to draw and fill my eyebrows in all the time. Where can I get eyebrow embroidery and how much does it cost?

In my last post, I went to Bluunis at Sungei Wang Plaza. I have bluunis...

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