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Throughout the story, you will alternate between solving these color-based puzzles and exploring the hotel for codes that unlock the puzzle rooms. Because this guide includes those codes, you'll be able to bypass a good portion of the exploration sections if you so desire. Only 1 of the game's 15 achievements is missable, requiring a simple action you can carry out near the end of the game.

Another achievement requires that you experience both endings. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like anyone has succeeded in getting both endings in one playthrough via cloud saves, dashboarding, or any other method so you...

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The Spectrum Retreat has a number of puzzles that will ask you to open unlocked doors. You will first need to locate the door launchpads and then the codes to open them.

These codes will be hidden in the environment of the game. They will be 4 digit codes that are sometimes hiding in plain sight and sometimes difficult to find.

If you do not want to waste time finding these codes, here in this guide, we give you all the door codes for The Spectrum Retreat. Here you will find the keypad. Next to it will be a poster...

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