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Settled at the right wing of the lobby isserving coffee and baked goods to battle against cranky mornings. They believe every neighbourhood should have a place for a good cuppa and here they are in Damansara Heights!

We paid a random visit and was greeted by the hospitable barista behind the counter. Quiet on afternoons, most patrons are here for small group meetings over coffee or students from the nearby Help University. Liberal latte ahead with the usual drill and ordered latte over the counter. Unlike the other cafes where the menu is displayed above or on soggy sugar papers,...

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Basically, the "" crowd liberal latte wealthy elitists who have the best ideas on how regular Janes and Joes can sacrifice their comforts and conveniences to help alleviate the sufferings and ills of the world while they dismiss themselves from the very things they demand of the public.

They'll tell us to ride bikes or use public transportation to get to work to conserve energy while they get around in limos and private jets. Liberal latte tell us to use solar powered energy in our homes and air dry our laundry while they live in huge mansions that use more...

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